Theosophical Glossary


Author:  H. P.  Blavatsky

Publisher:  Theosophy Company (India)

Pages: 389

Year: 1978 . A photographic reproduction of the original edition, as first issued at London, England: 1892.

Condition: New. Paperback. 

Everyone can buy from Theosophy Company and other publishers the volume “Theosophical Glossary”, whose authorship is wrongly ascribed to Helena P. Blavatsky.

The main founder of the theosophical movement died in May 1891. In the Preface of the Glossary’s first edition, dated January 1892, its editor G. R. S. Mead frankly admits that the volume is “almost entirely posthumous”. H.P.B. only saw in proof 32 of its 389 pages. (…)

Mead’s Glossary is still the best-known theosophical reference book available in Portuguese language, for instance. And it is helpful, in spite of its many mistakes.  As the volume uses Helena Blavatsky’s name, it is considered by many as a classic.

[From the article “Theosophical Glossary Not By HPB”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline. The text is available at www.HelenaBlavatsky.Org and its associated websites.]