The Theosophist, Vol. I (Oct. 1879 - Sept. 1880)


Editor: Helena P. Blavatsky

Publisher: Wizards Bookshelf

Pages: 320  

Year: 2nd edition (October 10, 1980)

Condition: New. Paperback.

ISBN 0913510319

Centennial Reprint from the first year of the monthly journal from Oct. 1879 - Sept. 1880 that introduced Eastern Occultism to the West. Source material in higher thought. Large format (8 by 11), 260 articles, glued binding.

A Master wrote about The Theosophist as edited by HP Blavatsky:  


“Neglect then not, my good Brother, the humble, the derided Journal of your Society, and mind not either its quaint, pretentious cover, nor the ‘heaps of manure’ contained in it - to repeat the charitable, and to yourself the too familiar remark used often at Simla. But let your attention be rather drawn to the few pearls of wisdom and occult truths to be occasionally discovered under that ‘manure’.”

And a few lines below:

“Behold, its mystically bumptious clothing!, its numerous blemishes and literary defects, and with all that cover the most perfect symbol of its contents: the main portion of its original ground, thickly veiled, all smutty and as black as night, through which peep out grey dots, and lines, and words, and even - sentences. To the truly wise those breaks of grey, may suggest an allegory full of meaning, such as the streaks of twilight, upon the Eastern sky, at morning’s early dawn, after a night of intense darkness; the aurora of a more ‘spiritually intellectual’ cycle. And who knows, how many of those, who, undismayed by its unprepossessing appearance, the hideous intricacies of its style, and the other many failures of the unpopular magazine will keep on tearing its pages [1], who may find themselves rewarded some day for their perseverance! Illuminated sentences may gleam out upon them, at some time or other, shedding a bright light upon some old puzzling problems. (.....)”

“At some time or other”, the Mahatma wrote.

At the beginning of the 21st century, there are indeed more than one lesson to be learned from the old “Theosophist”.


[1] “Tearing its pages”. In those times, pages of most books and publications had to be separated from one another by each reader, usually with the help of a pen-knife or letter-opener.   


The lines above are reproduced from the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical Literature”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline, Chapter Nine, The Aquarian Theosophist, Portugal, 255 pp., 2013.

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