The Secret Doctrine and Index


Author: Helena P. Blavatsky

Publisher: The Theosophy Company, Los Angeles - USA

Year: 2004

Pages: Vol. I - 667, Vol. II - 798

Condition: New. Hardcover. 

ISBN: 0-938998-00-5

ISBN: 0-938998-02-1 (Index to The Secret Doctrine)

In 1888, eleven years after the appearance of Isis Unveiled, H.P.B. completed and published The Secret Doctrine – “The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy". The systematic character of this work is revealed by the subjects treated at length in its pages: Cosmogenesis, Cosmic Evolution, Anthropogenesis, the Evolution of Symbolism, the Archaic Symbolism of the World-Religions, Science and the Secret Doctrine Contrasted. The Secret Doctrine differs from Isis in that it deliberately unfolds a specific teaching about the nature of things. In the Introductory pages of Volume I, H.P. Blavatsky wrote: The Secret Doctrine is not a treatise, or a series of vague theories, but contains all that can be given out to the world in this century”. The Secret Doctrine is, therefore, the basic source of the Theosophical teachings in this cycle. Facsimile edition, two volumes in one with supplementary Index to The Secret Doctrine.