The Kabalah & Theosophy


A Compilation from the Writings of H.P. Blavatsky 

Author:  Geoffrey A. Farthing

Publisher: The Blavatsky Trust

Pages: 224

Year: 2012

Condition: New. Paperback.   

ISBN: 190591234X

Geoffrey Farthing (1904-2004) was one of Theosophy’s finest minds of the twentieth century, and became one of it’s all time greatest exponents. In this posthumously published work, Geoffrey contrasts Theosophy to that of Kabalah. Of this, he said: “I am well aware of the magnitude of what I have undertaken in this work, and of my inadequacy to do it. I started out to illustrate how the Kabala could be regarded as the ‘root’ of Masonry, thinking that all I needed to do was to reiterate what H.P. Blavatsky had written on the subject, but what she has written is much more than I had expected. One thing led to another until I found myself reconciling the kabalistic and theosophical systems. This had not been done before. What I have done I offer as a first attempt. I suggest that in principle it cannot be far wrong but in details it could well be. It is left to those more learned and experienced in Kabala and Theosophy to build on, even to correct what I have done. They will, however, have to know both systems well before passing judgment.”