New Platonism and Alchemy


Author: Alexander Wilder

Publisher: Wizards Bookshelf

Pages: 32

Year: 1975

Condition: Pamphlet. New.

ISBN 0913510181

Theosophic doctrines of the Neoplatonists: the alchemical allegory of transmutation actually states of human consciousness & development. New bio and bibliography. Excellent survey of The Eclectic Alexandrian Theosophical School of Ammonias Saccas and his disciples called Philaletheians - (lovers of truth). H. P. Blavatsky Secret Doctrine Reference Series, Paperback Reprint of the 1869 edition, Philosophy, Theosophy, Occult, Mystery Schools. Esoteric teaching. Theosophical & Religion reference. Neo Platonism.