Dionysian Artificers


Author:  Hippolyto Joseph da Costa; Introduction Essay on the Myth of Dionysius by Manly P. Hall.

Publisher: The Philosophical Research Society

Pages: 105

Year: 1975 

Condition: New. Hardcover.

The Sketch for the History of the Dionysian Artificers by Hippolyto Joseph da Costa is probably the rarest of all Masonic monographs. The author, of whom comparatively little is known, evidently planned the preparation of a considerable volume, but the larger work, if actually written, never saw print. The monograph was published in London in 1820 and copies of it have become so scarce that not one has appeared upon the market for the last twenty years. This reprint is made possible through the courtesy of the Masonic Grand Lodge Library at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The theme behind da Costa’s work is an attempt to prove that modern Freemasonry derives its origin from the philosophical and religious associations of the ancient Greeks. The Dionysian Artificers were a corporation of men practicing the science of architectonics, at the same time practicing certain secret rites and rituals, and divided into grades and communities under officers of varying ranks.

(Manly P. Hall)