From Optimism to Hope


Author:  Jonathan Sacks

Publisher: Continuum

Pages: 148

Year: 2004

Condition: Used, in very good condition. Paperback.

ISBN 0-8264-7481-0

In recent years, Rabbi Sacks has been a star of BBC’s Thought for the Day programme on Radio 4. Here, Jonathan Sacks has selected his favourite pieces. These short, perfectly crafted addresses find the Chief Rabbi at his most lucid, most intelligent and most compassionate. Confronting the issues of the day, he brings to the audience his extraordinary insight and wisdom.

Rabbi Sacks’ as one of our foremost spiritual leaders is beyond dispute. He has brought hope and encouragement to people at a time when many feel threatened by the complexities and challenges of the turbulent modern world. In his Thoughts for the Day he reflects on current topics such as war, Iraq, September 11, as well as timeless ones; community, forgiveness and hope.

Dr Jonathan Sacks has been the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth since 1991, and a regular broadcaster for many years. 

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