The Building of the Home


Author:  B. P. Wadia    

Publisher:  Theosophy Company (India), Mumbai

Pages: 56

Year: 2005

Condition: New. Paperback. 

… A series of articles by the late Shri B. P. Wadia, on a most important and practical subject. These seven articles under the general heading “The Building of the Home” appeared first in The Theosophical Movement from November 1941 to June 1942 and for Oct. 1931.

The regeneration of the society is the greatest need of our civilization, and therefore the ancient ideal underlying the institution of the Home must be accepted and practiced. No culture worthy of the name come into being when that ideal is lost sight of.

In this series of articles the philosophical background of the Grihastha Ashrama is presented and the moral principles which are its logical corollaries explained. All readers will find these articles informative and interesting, and the intuitive among them will derive inspiration and instruction to improve the moral texture of their own lives and thereby contribute to the building of true homes.

May this small volume help many to make their homes radiating centres of light for the benefit of the Nation and of the World!

(Reproduced from the Foreword)