The Brotherhood of Religions


Author:  Sophia Wadia

Publisher:  Asian Book Trust in Association with Theosophy Company (India), Bombay.

Pages: 171

Year: 1996

Condition: New. Paperbound.

With forewords by Mahatma Gandhi and the Dalai Lama, “The Brotherhood of Religions” is a compilation of Essays by Sophia Wadia.

Sophia Wadia says in the Introduction:

“To live religion is to work with the Law which is divine, which is just, which is omnipresent. Not blind obedience to any person, but an intelligent co-operation with the universal and impersonal Law of Cause and Effect, both of which are expressions of the One Truth that is what is needed. The real proof of the Brotherhood of Religions consists in this fact: whatever the religion in which one is born and has been brought up, the moment he begins to live religion intelligently and rationally, at that moment he is bound to become a brother to all human Souls, irrespective of their caste, creed, race or nationality. It is the feeling of Brotherhood which brings peace to our hearts and enlightens our minds to overcome our own aches and pains and to be of help and of service to others. There is much talk of Brotherhood, but little of the living of the life of a brother to all men and women as Souls. If each of us strives to be a brother to all, very soon we shall see for ourselves the truth of the Brotherhood of Religions.”

(p. vii)