Living the Life


Sold Out

Author:  B. P. Wadia    

Publisher:  Theosophy Company (India), Mumbai

Pages: 156

Year: 2004

Condition: New. Paperback. 

The important articles by the late B. P. Wadia gathered together in this book have all appeared at different times in the magazine The Theosophical Movement. His contributions on Theosophical themes to this and other periodicals would fill volumes, and the few contained in this book are but representative of his style and his way of Theosophical thinking - the way H. P. Blavatsky showed.

Though each of these articles is complete in itself, the careful reader will notice a thread running through them all. Those who aspire to change and to improve their mode of living, to follow the Divine Discipline advocated not only by Theosophy but by all the great Teachers who have appeared on the world-scene, and to walk the Way that leads to Those Great of Soul, will find in the pages of this book valuable help and instruction.

On the subject of the Higher Life much misunderstanding prevails, and it is the duty of every student of Theosophy, not only to himself but also to the great Theosophical Movement, to set an example in right living. But, as was always stressed by Shri Wadia, practice without study and understanding is impossible; and mere study and intellectual understanding without proper application are in the long run not only futile but also dangerous.

What the world has always needed is the living of the Life according to the precepts of the Great Teachers, the practice of the One Religion of Life, the One Science of the Soul and the One Art which can create harmony and beauty in the Kingdom of Man.

(Reproduced from the Foreword)